Brexit is a Combination of ‘British’ and ‘Exit’ – Richard Hole on leaving the EU

We put forward seven of your questions to prominent hospitality figure, Richard Hole, on Brexit, hospitality and what the future holds for an uncertain economy.


On 23rd June 2018 it will have been two years since England & Wales voted to leave the EU. What progress have you seen that would be beneficial to the hospitality industry?

Democracy. Un-elected president. Fake News. Next.

Have you noticed any shortages in staff or an unwillingness to work from those immigrants that would be directly affected by Brexit?

First thing first: Did you know that Brexit is an amalgamation of the words ‘British’ and ‘Exit’? A lot of people are forgetting that and are letting themselves get distracted by the un-elected parliament in Europe. Democracy. I’m all for immigration, so long as they don’t immigrate over here. We’ve always had issues with staff shortages and poor working conditions. Leaving the EU means that we can be directly responsible for how badly we treat our own staff.

Will leaving the EU allow you to pay staff better wages?

I’d love to say yes, but Mother always taught us not to lie to the media unless it’s about touching kids.

Do you think the hospitality sector is struggling, and if so, do you think there is any road to recovery?

It is struggling, and I blame Twitter. Now that we have freed ourselves of an un-elected president and have finally elected our own leader (after she was un-elected – Democracy), I can see at least a 155% rise in all profits for everyone. People are being told the opposite will happen, but that’s untrue. Promise.

What changes do you think need to be implemented in the hospitality industry to ensure leaving the EU isn’t disastrous?

Everyone should have listened to me when I began screeching about how it used to be in the good old days, but they didn’t join forces with me. If they had, then we would all have yachts by now and would have seen a rise in our profits. Oh well… not that anyone is making a fortune here, by the way. I myself have no money and live in a box just to ensure my staff have food on their plates.

When did you realise your business model was working?

When I found out the industry doesn’t have a viable union.

Here’s a fun question to show people you’re human: Who’s your favourite PowerPuff Girl?




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