Waiter praised for restoring faith in the world. World bites back and says “Nah fuck you, you cunt.”

The internet’s a wonderful place isn’t it? One day you’re reading about how America’s going to destroy the planet, the next you’re watching an international disaster, then you’re reading about how the government’s fucked up, then it’s on to the news about how humans aren’t treating other humans like humans because those humans were born too close to the equator.

It gets tiring to say the least, and whilst the solution isn’t to bury your head in the sand, you can often take comfort in the seemingly rare occasions where someone’s actually not been a dick.

Step forward Mark Quinn, a “beautiful man” who gave a mother ten minutes to talk to her friends. (Originally, he was unidentified. Which is the only thing that bothered us)men

Step forward internet, a “beautiful collection of people” that did not like this one bit.


Mmm indeed, Northerndave. It’s been proven by science that all good deeds are in actual fact, publicity stunts.


Yes, dddd. What     could    he      have done? Hospitality      staff       only exist        to serve customers.


Preach it, Andy. Who does this mum think she is? The Queen? How very dare she.


AmIright, Badger7? The world needs more clear thinkers like you. It would save a whole bunch of prejudiced hassle based off of our own thoughts.


Hallelujah, Ricky. Personally, we’d say “wouldn’t”, but your fantastically well thought through point is still valid. Fuck this selfish mum, yeah?


YES, VIKKI! You know how it is. p.s Soz for not completely clearing your name, we stopped caring when we got to you. It’s nothing personal though.


Isn’t it though, Daniel? You sound like you have children of your own and are a fully dedicated


…never mind.


Good one, Nicola. It’s quite obvious that this man is a full on beardy weirdy. Who the fuck’s just nice to people and children? And who the fuck takes their children out of the house with them? Build a wall is what we say.


We don’t know if this is being sarcastic or not, but honestly we’re so drained from having to read this shit that we’re just going to say it isn’t and wish Josh a very merry Christmas.

The story brightened our day, and reminded us that the world isn’t all just one massive shit hole filled with semen and faeces. The internet quickly reminded us that it is.

NOTE: We haven’t got the Daily Mail comments yet. Fuck that’s going to be an exhausting couple of hours. Apparently, the odds of him being called a paedophile within the first five minutes are *insert odds that mean it’s definitely going to happen*.


Main IMG: poolie|flikr

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  1. Cautious Realist says:

    I personally know the man, about whom the article was made, and he is a very decent guy. Fuck this overly-suspicious state of affairs in which we find ourselves.

    Some men are naturally good at dealing with children; my father was infuriatingly (for my mum) good at calming my brothers and myself down. Suddenly being nice to children makes people think it is sexual – who’s the pervert?

    The fact that the mother had her child in full sight during the whole experience, wherein she was given short and necessary room to breathe, speaks volumes about the love she holds for her child. To then acknowledge somebody’s generosity and compassion, she is admirable at worst.

    Thank you for this article, as it embodies everything I hold sceptical towards shite media.

    1. We’re also good friends with Mark. He’s a lovely chap. It is devastating to see that something he would normally do i.e be the good guy that he is, is being attacked, but what is more horrific is the abuse that the mother, Katie, has had thrown at her. The internet is poisonous unfortunately. And I can’t tell if you’re saying that we embody everything that you hold sceptical, or if the people do? If it’s us, I must ask why. If it’s the people, well, people have always been shite.

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