We’re Calling it. 29th August is NATIONAL SHANDY DAY.

It might be a little bit bold to try and declare a day as being a national drink day, but we’ve had it with the lack of a day recognising one of our favourite beverages – even Radlers have a national day, the pricks.

To coincide with our birthday on the 29th August, we’re declaring it (Inter)National Shandy Day. A day to celebrate the wonderful concoction of lemonade and beer. Oh, and incase you didn’t know:



Hopefully, it’ll be good. If not, fuck it.

Shandies are a marvellous creation. They’ve been called Panaché, Diesel, Kip Lin, Shandygaff, Portergaff, Lager Top, Monaco Beer and the dreaded Radler. (Thanks Wikipedia, you’re a babe).

Whilst a lot of those incarnations of the REALLY POPULAR AND INCREDIBLE DRINK involve different things like tonic, grenadine, ginger ale, ginger beer, apple juice or citrus, we’re big fans of the simple 50/50 beer and lemonade.

National Shandy Day needs to become a thing, and we’re not going to stop until it is. National Radler Day doesn’t count, and there’s national days for fucking everything, shandies deserve to have their own day too.

29th August – Cheapest Shot Birthday and National Shandy Day. #VivaLaLemonade



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