Some Stuff and Things About The Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is perhaps one of the most recognisable drinks that has ever existed. It belongs to the realm of cocktails that even the amateur drinker knows the name of. There are plenty of interesting facts about the Old Fashioned, so we’ve been proper kind and put them all in one place for you.

Here we go:

  • The plural of Old Fashioned is “Grumpy Bartender”.
  • Don Draper isn’t real.
  • Saying “I’m Old Fashioned” when drinking one instantly negates you as a human.
  • ‘Mad Men’ didn’t invent the drink.
  • There’s more discussions on wether or not you should put fruit in them than there are actual people that drink them.
  • Don Draper isn’t real.
  • According to “famous” “bar” “personality” Jon Taffer, the Old Fashioned was invented in 1999 by Australian horse breeders who would often have people call them “old fashioned” because of the manner in which they would eat their sausage rolls with two forks and a rather large smile, similar to the way in which their ancestors used to whilst working down in the coal mines of Botany Bay.
  • A website that is definitely not affiliated with any medical experts claims that an Old Fashioned only contains 155 calories.
  • If you have bartender friends, you will lose them as friends if you judge them based on their Old Fashioned skills.
  • If you don’t have bartender friends, then you’re probably going to judge.
  • 6/10 people have never seen a bartender smile when asked for an Old Fashioned.
  • 4/10 people are too drunk to notice.
  • As of 16/05/2016 there are currently 6 million different variations of the Old Fashioned on cocktail menus in the North West of England.
  • Don Draper isn’t real?
  • As it stands, the Old Fashioned cocktail is underrated – Jon Taffer, 2016
  • Its recipe? Whiskey, Bitters and Sugar… some fruit… smoke… the heart of a child… David Cameron’s tax return and the dignity of a small fly – all slowly diluted over ice and served in a glass over some more ice.

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