“What’s With All The Bartenders Complaining?”

The internet at the minute is awash with a hospitality industry that is quick to slate the customers that pay for it, quick to slate the bartenders who have lost their minds and then quick to slate the people who complain in an effort to gain a moral one up against their fellow hospitality “sufferers”.

We’ve made it clear that we have no time for wanky bartenders or problem customers. There’s nothing we hate more than a bartender that makes a customer feel small or a customer that makes a bartender feel like a worthless human being.

We’re definitely just as bad as everyone else because none of it is news to anyone and we’ve just jumped on a bandwagon and picked up the handbook and expected everyone to go “Yeah, that’s right”, but even then, it arises again and again and again until the act of complaining is no longer acceptable and everyone is condemned to “Just doing the job they are paid to do”.


As long as there are bartenders complaining, there will always be bartenders that tell them to shut up and serve the people who pay their wages… in some sort of weird twisted ironic perversion? We wrote a piece on how the public and the internet reacts to bartenders that talk or complain about their job but we completely missed the boat when it came to the amount of bartenders that have zero time for these people that complain about their job so they feel they must complain about it… ah, you see what’s happening here?

That’s not even the point we’re trying to make.

The point that was being brought up before the random tangent of how no-one ever wins when it comes to pointing out shit that is happening and not happening, I’M DOING IT AGAIN, was about those bartenders whom complain about the way in which a customer acts, and then proceed to act in the exact same way when they finally retreat to the other side of someone else’s bar. It’s one of the most confusing things ever to be witnessed since that really shit tinder date we watched proceeded back to someones’ house.

The bartenders that laugh at the ‘J’ being pronounced in Mojito (EY IT IS PROPER FUNNY THOUGH, FUCKING IDIOTS) and complain about the groups that order drinks at different times and then order the Guinness last are the exact same bartenders that will get smashed in a bar, shout at the top of their voices for free shots, snort coke in the corner and try and finger one of the barbacks in the toilets… but at least they can pronounce Daiquiri properly.

It makes no sense.

Now, we don’t want to be seen as the website that just complains about bartenders and all the shit they do, because bartending is in our blood (seriously, it’s like syphilis), but fuck’s sake what’s going on? The industry is starting to form into factions: The Pretentious Wankers, The Hypocrites, The Complainers, The Complainers Against The Complainers Inc., The People Who Don’t Care And Let Everyone Know About It So They Look Better Than Everyone Else and The Vegans.

Where does the line get drawn between what can and can’t be said about bartending? Is it something that the ‘older’ generation are beginning to grow disdain for? Is it doomed to the realms of “no-one cares anymore” or is it something that even needs to be addressed?

When do the bartenders that act like the customers they despise begin seeing the similarities between themselves and their dreaded foe? When goddammit, when?

Even now, as this is being typed, I’m flirting with the notion that it’s a thing that can’t be brought up because “no-one needs it, just let people get on with it” and “when are you going to talk about something you haven’t picked up on in The B.O.M.B?” – Bartenders of Manchester’s Bars, just incase you’re not a member/don’t care because you’re cool.

Where do we stop? When does a bartender complaining about their job stop being acceptable? There are a large number of bartenders that have chosen the path of a career, are they not allowed to at least blow off some steam? There has to be an accepted point of when people are ranting and when people are just plain making fun of someone because they haven’t received any training/ might be venturing out for the first time ever. People need to be allowed to blow off some steam about the customer that had a shit on the floor, because that’s just not cricket.

I fear that by condemning people for complaining just furthers the fact that bartenders should “Shut up and get on with their jobs”. It’s a dangerous cycle to be stuck in and we risk losing our close knit industry empathy that greatly outweighs that of anyone else’s. We need not gang up on one another and call out individuals – unless those individuals are the ones who openly mock customers to their faces and scoff at the notion of a Maker’s Mark and Coke.

We’ll never be without discourse in this industry. I’ll bet even just writing this will draw condemnation from a few camps. You’re right, it is just content fodder allowing for us to spew out yet another article. It’ll be ok, though. Promise.

Sorry for complaining.

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IMG: Ryan Hyde| flikr


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