Cheapest Shot 2016

Oh my days it’s been a couple of weeks since we put up any content. Shit. Sorry about that. Fear not though as one of us is an office wanker and therefore has been forced back into the routine of being sat in front of a computer by social conventions and the need to make money.


Last year was “pretty big” for us in the context that it was the year we formed the website and began writing nonsense in the hope that it was semi-good. Safe to say, even if people don’t like what we do, a fair few of you have read and shared a lot of our content and for that we thank you from the bottom of our cold shallow hearts.

Obviously we had a few articles that caused a bit of… controversy? It’ll be fine, we’ve had no death threats just yet and hopefully in 2016 we don’t receive any ransom letters for the safe return of one of our family members.


WHAT HAVE WE GOT IN STORE FOR YOU? Quite a few things really. We initially had a podcast that outlined all of the fun and new things that we had lined up for this year, but we may have gotten a little too drunk at the recording of it and it descended into awful Cher impressions for about four hours (seriously, don’t ask).

So, for the next year we have lined up a few new concepts:

Cheapest Reviews

We’ll put out a post outlining this in a bit more detail, but yeah, we’re going to start reviewing places this year just because everyone else does them and they all seem a bit… shit (JK BBZ IT’S BECAUSE WE WANT MORE CONTENT).

Cheapest Videos

That’s right, we’re stepping away from the keyboard and in front of the camera. We’re hoping to put out at least two videos a month and they’re going to consist of the soon to be cult “Shandy Chats” and “Cheapest Cocktails”. Again, we’ll explain that in a more interesting way soon enough.

Cheapest Guests

This all depends on wether or not we get enough funding from anywhere or if  we make enough money. We HATE asking for free content. If it’s worthy of being published, it’s worthy of being paid for. That being said: we are going to be looking for guest contributors in the up coming months and AGAIN we’ll write something more interesting about it when we know what we’re doing (although it’s hard to really make that more interesting without adding clowns and dancing umbrellas).

Regular Content

We know we should be doing this anyway, but it’s just nice to actually say that we’ll be trying our darned hardest to keep the content regular and only half-shitty. Promise.


That’s it, we guess. We’ve got a full stab at the full year here, and hopefully this time next year we’ll have exciting things to talk about and won’t have completely stopped what we’re doing by August without explaining and just…fade away.


Follow us on the twitter: @CheapestShot


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