Choose a bar.

Choose ordering a drink.

Choose telling the bartender you’re a bartender.

Choose scouting the back bar for your favourite spirit.

Choose ordering two shots and giving one to the bartender.

Choose getting upset when you have to pay for both shots.

Choose getting even more upset because you haven’t been given a discount.

Choose avoiding that person you slept with last week but didn’t call back.

Choose hitting on the other bartender who hasn’t served you yet.

Choose ordering more drinks and trying again to get discount.

Choose falling over in the bathrooms and into a toilet.

Choose vomiting in the sink and on your shoes.

Choose stumbling outside, trying to find a taxi.

Choose to walk ’cause you’re soaked in vomit.

Choose falling asleep in the kitchen.

Choose waking up in the morning.

Choose getting a shower.

Choose going out.

Choose a bar.

Choose has lost all meaning.

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