Routine of a Bartender.

2:30pm – Wake up. Ascertain whose bed you are in.

2:35pm – Recognise the face but not the name. Look for phone.

2:40pm – Text friends and try to get the stranger to enter number in phone for future reference.

3:30pm – Arrive back at own bed. Proceed to fall onto it.

3:45pm – Remember that you are in work in an hour. Set alarm for 4:45pm.

6:00pm – Wake up. Frantically text person you were supposed to take off shift.

6:20pm – Make the 30 minute journey to work in 15 minutes.

6:21pm12:59am: Avoid eye contact of manager.

1am – Be given bin cleaning duty by passive aggressive manager.

2am: Arrive at bar you know is still open.

7am: Go to sleep.

Repeat three times a week or until you find a new job. Then repeat once a week until settled.  

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IMG: James Palinsad | flikr

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